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  1. Sir ive read all your blogs from start to the latest..thank you so much for writing your trades.I got some insights about trading.more powers and God Bless!


  2. Thank you sir sa pagbahagi mo ng trading journey mo, idol narin kita!! buti nalang sir nakasali ka sa trading rx ni sir kidlat at nakilala ka namin. merun po sana akong gustong malaman sir at tanong, may pag-asa po bang isang tulad kong newbie sa trading na matuto sa pagbabasa ng blog at panunood ng video about trading tapos praktis praktis nalang? tulad ng blog ni sir zee at sayo at ung video ni sir kidlat, sasapat po ba yun sir, or kailangan din talagang sumali sa trading class nila sir zee? TIA po.


    • Kaya naman, you can learn naman s mga free lessons via youtube/blogs. Ung mentorship program namin is we teach students the complete ZFT system, thought process sa trades, and many more. Whatever we lessons we post sa public is just the tip of the iceberg pero pwedeng pwede na rin sya para kumita.


  3. Ive been dissecting your trade and boss Zs’, and I am discovering a lot of things. Thanks for these! it really helps me understand momentum trade and helps me tweak my system. Im currently aiming for a thousand charts to dissect and back test using my system.
    I also trading now just a month ago, and i love bear market in terms of adjusting and studying my system, it really helps me exponentially on showing different circumstances during executions.

    I hope you could give me additional advice or recommendations on which i should put allocation of time into.

    Thanks in advance


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